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The story of personal development: How power, feedback, and collaboration transform as we grow

on March 16, 2023

Numerous studies suggest that the world we operate in is becoming increasingly complex. Whether in business or life, the situations we face are less predictable and more volatile. Our actions and responses bear consequences that can be hard to comprehend. 

Research shows that we can deliberately develop to become better equipped to widen perspectives, notice what’s happening, make more informed and effective decisions and thrive in complexity and uncertainty. But, how do we get there? How to achieve thriving in turbulence and complexity instead of “just surviving”?


In this conversation between Heidi Gutekunst - an experienced leader, executive director, consultant and developmental coach - and Ute Bock - a former executive in the automotive industry, you will hear personal stories of a learning journey, weaved together with the research of vertical development and learning-in-action and from experience. We won’t tell you “The Answer”, simply because there is no right answer. We will share stories, thoughts, concepts and invitations to reflect on and explore your own developmental journey in thriving in turbulence.

Some of the questions addressed:

What helped - what hindered - how to develop the capacity to see risk as an opportunity and become more resilient?

How to follow a holistic developmental journey, embracing both long- and short-term perspectives of one´s own individual functioning?

Biases in place? How to become aware and operate beyond?

The role of Power, Feedback and Collaboration in developing more effective leadership and management.

“We cannot predict the future, but we can transform ourselves to better meet it”.  - Bill Torbert 


Join Heidi Gutekunst and Ute Bock in a conversation sharing personal stories and research on vertical development and learning-in-action. 


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