Meet Septembers’ Member of the Month, Irina Fratita (Manager Network Development, Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V. )

on September 05, 2022

Why did you join the Women Automotive Network?

I joined the Women Automotive Network as an opportunity to reach and connect to more women leaders, also to access resources like mentorship programs. This allowed me to expand my professional network and be part of conversations which inspire.

 Why is DE&I important to you?

At a certain moment I became consciously aware of the women representation gap in senior management levels of companies. It is important for me because I trust an increased share of women in leadership positions would bring a positive impact. Even though there are different ways to drive the development of any professional, I particularly believe in building confidence which will then unlock the potential.

 What is the number one automotive trend you are keeping up with currently?

The automotive industry is set off to a considerable series of changes and I am interested in keeping up with the electrification trend. Actually I think it’s not even a trend anymore, but a direction meant to support the Net-0 objectives. As effects we should see fast and multiple changes from cars distribution models, digitalisation, adjusted regulations, omni-channel initiatives, to different customer demands, or supply chain.

 Who is your inspirational woman?

I am inspired by people with strong character, willing to share their experiences and open doors for others to follow.

 What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?

One of the challenges is sustaining the motivation for the long run, even when dealing with uncertainty.

 In one word, what is the opportunity for women in automotive currently?


 What advice would you offer to those considering starting a career within the automotive industry?

Part of my learnings are to get the advice needed from people with similar values, keep the authenticity and happily take all the help offered.

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