Angelika Sodian NIO Speaker Interview – Stuttgart
Why are you speaking at the Women in Automotive Summit?
I believe that forums that provide a platform for new ideas and opportunities are of great
benefit. As a female executive in the global automotive business, I believe I can provide
thought leadership on how the industry is changing, both in regard to the role of women,
and also in regard to the exciting new technologies that are sweeping the landscape and
providing a vision for future mobility.
As an organisational development expert in the Chinese -European automotive industry, I
have built and managed cross-cultural organisations. In the last 4 years, I have had the
opportunity to start/develop NIO’s two organisations in Europe, in Germany and the UK.
The challenges which I have experienced and learnt from over the years have given me a
unique perspective which I am happy to share with the wider automotive community and
with women looking to develop their careers in the industry.
I have been fortunate to have had good role models in my life, and I am honoured to be
able to contribute to an open and supportive culture by speaking at the Women in
Automotive Summit.
What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?
The automotive industry is facing unprecedented change brought about by technological
developments coupled with new and different consumer desires. The future of mobility is
what we at NIO aspire to shape, by transforming the whole car ownership experience into
a positive experience for our users.
New mobility solutions, such as smart EVs and AVs, will be integrated into the cities of
the future, changing and improving the lives of people enormously. We are just on the
cusp of the change and it is an exciting, and also challenging, time to be at the forefront
of these global automotive trends.
As my personal journey in the automotive industry continues I am inspired by being part
of an organisation with a bold vision for the future.
Angelika Sodian, UK NIO