Unveiling Gender Bias in the Automotive Industry: Insights from Our Poll

on June 07, 2023

Gender bias and stereotypes continue to persist in various industries, including the automotive sector. To gain a deeper understanding of the personal experiences within the industry, we conducted a poll at the Women Automotive Spring meetup asking professionals if they have encountered gender bias or stereotypes during their career journey. The results shed light on the prevalence of these challenges and how individuals have chosen to address them.

Poll Question: Have you personally experienced any gender bias or stereotypes in your career within the Automotive industry? If so, how did you handle it?

Poll Results:

  •  (13.8% Respondents): Yes, and I addressed it directly with the individuals involved.
  • (25.9% Respondents): Yes, and I sought support from mentors or colleagues.
  • (34.5% Respondents): Yes, but I chose to ignore it and focus on my work.


Addressing Bias Directly: For 13.8% of respondents, confronting gender bias head-on was their preferred approach. By engaging in open dialogue with the individuals involved, they aimed to raise awareness and challenge the bias. This proactive approach highlights their determination to create a more inclusive work environment.

Seeking Support: A significant number of respondents (25.9%) sought support from mentors or colleagues when faced with gender bias or stereotypes. These individuals recognized the importance of a strong support network, seeking guidance and advice to navigate through challenging situations. Collaboration and mentorship played a pivotal role in helping them overcome obstacles.

Choosing to Ignore and Focus: Interestingly, the largest group of respondents (34.5%) admitted to choosing to ignore gender bias and stereotypes, instead focusing on their work. This response suggests a variety of reasons behind this approach, such as prioritising professional growth, not wanting to be distracted, or feeling that addressing bias may not lead to tangible change.


The poll results highlight the diverse ways professionals within the automotive industry handle gender bias and stereotypes. While some choose to address it directly or seek support, others opt to focus on their work and let their achievements speak for themselves. Each approach reflects personal circumstances and individual coping mechanisms.

As we continue striving for gender equality and inclusivity within the automotive industry, it is essential to raise awareness, encourage open conversations, and support one another. By sharing experiences and insights, we can collectively foster an environment that celebrates talent and rejects gender bias. This is what our next event, Women Automotive Summit also aims to address. 

If you have experienced gender bias or stereotypes in your career, remember that you are not alone. Seek support, engage in dialogue, and take the necessary steps to create positive change. Together, we can drive progress and reshape the future of the automotive industry.

Note: The poll results are based on a sample size of less than 500 respondents and are not representative of the entire industry.


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