The Women Automotive Network's Stephanie May and Anne Kroll, Stabilus join forces in latest Talktomotive Podcast

on October 25, 2023

Following Talktomotive's last interview with Anne Kroll, Head of Sales Europe Aftermarket at Stabilus, about her Women Automotive Network award; Stephanie May, Commercial Director at the Network, came together in this latest podcast to shed light on the vital support that this network offers to women within the automotive industry.


Ep 11 - "Empowering Women in the Auto Industry: Insights from Women Automotive Network" with Anne Kroll and Stephanie May

Discover how the Women Automotive Network empower, connect, and inspire women and men in the ever-evolving automotive scene.

From facilitating job placement to amplifying women’s voices through global events, with an impressive membership base of 27,000, the Women Automotive Network has cultivated a community that champions female professionals in a male-dominated field.

Stephanie May shared insights on the network’s future endeavors, recounted past experiences, and previewed the exciting upcoming events that aim to empower, connect, and inspire women in the ever-evolving world of automotive.

Listen now:

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