on September 14, 2023

This interview features Esil Mertoglu, our September Member of the Month. Esil holds the role of Senior EHS Manager EMEA and also leads the EMEA Women Resource Network.

Why did you join the Women Automotive Network? 

The prime focus of my job is centered around the safety, well-being of employees and protection of the environment in Adient.

Also, I am head of the EMEA Women’s Resource Network for Adient which fosters the empowerment and professional development of women in the workplace.

I was searching for a strong community with like-minded members from the automotive industry where I could get inspiration for new ideas to implement in my workplace.

I saw that the WAN, through the events it offers and its mentoring program, is a strong network that supports the professional development and careers of women.   


Why is DE&I vital to you? 

I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries and come into contact with a wide variety of people.

It has always been so inspiring to experience different cultures, meet different people and listen to them in order to observe life through their eyes.

I think our uniqueness is what makes life beautiful. And we have the power to make this life beautiful through respect for each other.


What is the most important automotive trend you are currently following?


The amazing thing about the automotive industry is that it is always a pioneer of innovations. Electrification, autonomous driving, car share, connectivity etc. And there are several great minds behind these trends.

As people are at the center of sustainable organizations, I support this by maintaining and encouraging a safe workplace and healthy environment for the employees, and by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives where a variety of creative minds contribute to the automotive industry and trends.

I believe a people-centred approach is the key for any successful organization.


Who do you consider your most inspirational woman? 

My mother is by far the most inspiring woman to me.

She is a wonderful mother of 3, who has always focused on our development and well-being.

My personality was shaped by the trust which she had in me, and she always gave me room for making my own decisions.  

In addition to that, she is a great contributor to the environment and an active professional who supports society/women, which strongly influenced my profession as well.

 Besides my mother, there are several women who inspire me with their personalities and success stories. Along with these visible figures, there are many strong, successful no-name women out there.


What is the proudest moment in your career? 

I would have to say proudest moments… these have been the occasions when I was able to share my vision with others and then hear the reflections on it.

Recently, I spoke at the EHS Congress Europe and was selected to share my ideas in the next World Congress on Safety and Health at work.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  

I am also very proud of structuring and successfully leading the EMEA Women’s Resource Network.


What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome? 

The difficulties related to the health of a family member have been the most challenging moments. One can only do one's best and learn to stay positive.    


What was your first car? 

Ford Fiesta 😊 I still remember the silver-grey car and have some wonderful memories.


What advice would you offer to those considering starting a career within the automotive industry?

Prioritize learning.  The automotive industry continuously provides opportunities to learn and develop.

Do not hesitate to take initiative.


In one word, what opportunities do women currently have in the automotive industry?

Equity. Never stop pursuing your dreams.
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