Empowering Women in the Automotive Industry: Join the Women Automotive Network Today!

on July 03, 2023

Are you passionate about supporting and empowering women in the automotive industry? Look no further! As the first international platform dedicated to women in the automotive sector, we are committed to fostering diverse leadership, producing strong leaders and managers, and facilitating change.

Join us on this transformative journey and become part of a dynamic community that drives success and inclusivity in the automotive field.


The Women Automotive Network, established in 2019, is a global community that champions women in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools, resources, and support for women to excel in their automotive careers. We are dedicated to creating a next-generation leadership hub that empowers women and promotes diversity within the industry.


At the Women Automotive Network, we offer a range of programs and resources designed to empower women in the automotive industry:

🤝 Mentorship: Our personalised
mentorship programs connect women with experienced industry professionals who provide guidance, advice, and insights tailored to their individual goals. Through these mentorship relationships, women gain valuable expertise and support to navigate their career paths effectively. 👩🏫

🎉 Events: We organise engaging events featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and successful professionals who share practical strategies, expertise, and inspiring stories. These events offer networking opportunities and a platform for women to learn from the experiences of others in the field. 🌍 

💼 Job Opportunities: We curate job openings that match the skills and aspirations of our members, ensuring they have access to exciting career prospects within the automotive industry. Our goal is to connect talented women with employment opportunities that align with their expertise and ambitions. 🚗  Find out more here.

💡 Practical Guidance: We provide practical tips, advice, and resources to help women enhance their leadership skills, navigate industry challenges, and seize growth opportunities. Our focus is on equipping women with actionable insights and tools to advance their careers in the automotive sector. 📚 Sign-up to our newsletter here

🌐 Global Community: We foster a vibrant global network where women in the automotive industry can connect, collaborate, and celebrate diversity. By bringing together individuals across borders and backgrounds, we create a supportive community that fosters growth, inclusivity, and leadership for women in the automotive field.
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We invite all organisations and individuals who share our passion to join the Women Automotive Network and be part of our dynamic community. Together, we will shape a more inclusive and successful future, where women thrive as leaders, influencers, and innovators in the automotive sector. 🚀👩





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