Shanel Drewe

British Racing Driver

Shanel Drewe is a multi-award-winning British Racing driver. Having had a passion for cars from a young age, a teacher noticed this and gave her the opportunity to volunteer within his brothers racing team. Shanel spent her weekends, aged 13, washing wheels and helping out with mechanical fixtures until she was given the opportunity on her birthday to jump in the driving seat herself for a bit of fun. It was then her talent would be discovered, within a few laps she had beaten the lap time of an experienced adult in a quicker car despite not having driven on track before.

From here, Shanel’s father sold his own car in order to buy a race car and they set out to complete 1 or 2 races within the Junior saloon car championship. Despite not coming from a wealthy background and having the smallest budget on the grid- Shanel managed to complete 8 races that season after her talent was noticed by sponsors and others.

Graduating to the Michelin Clio Cup, despite being the youngest on the grid aged 16 up against experienced adult racers, shanel completed the following season coming out Vice Champion as well as breaking the record for most overtakes and being awarded Bristol Young Sports Personality OTY.

Shanel further set up her own instructing business in order to teach others on track skills alongside her racing career. For 2021, she will be competing within the Mini Challenge on one of the UK’s largest motorsport platforms, the BTCC on ITV. She is working with to Community Driving School who are the UK’s only non-profit driving school helping victims of abuse/suicide and other marginalised backgrounds obtain their drivers licences and will be inviting students along to the races to learn new skill sets. Shanel purely relies on sponsorship in order to compete and requires support in order to complete the coming season.