Jana Swoboda

IT Project Manager and Team Lead, Daimler Truck AG

Jana Swoboda is an Information Technology Project Manager and Team Lead for Daimler Truck AG, currently responsible for the Used Trucks IT Systems and associated processes. Jana has been with Daimler AG since 2003, with responsibilities covering a vast array of Daimler Truck IT systems, processes, and functionality, such as Purchasing, Central IT Infrastructure, Governance, and Sales.

Her peers have recognized Jana for her diligent work ethic, skilled approach to Agile Software Development, especially with a focus on Continuous Improvement Aspects and Scrum, and her overall adept and flexible methods regarding Project Management. In addition to her extensive experience within the IT landscape at Daimler Trucks AG, Jana has served as a mentor for numerous employees in the managerial training program, with a special focus as a business coach for women in IT.

Jana holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Business Applications.