The Women Automotive Network celebrated Intl. Women's Day with a LinkedIn LIVE virtual event that brought together inspiring women from the Automotive industry

on March 13, 2023

The Women Automotive Network celebrated International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 7th, with a LinkedIn LIVE virtual event that brought together inspiring women from the automotive industry to discuss leadership, career development, and other critical elements for professional growth.

The event featured a panel of accomplished female professionals from leading automotive companies, including Berveleen Mashonga, Product Manager at Hyundai Mobis; Gülnaz Önes, Global CIO at Mercedes-Benz Mobility; Judith Gaspar, Talent Management in EMEA at Flex; Daniela Behrens, Business Development Manager at Flex; Melanie Schuttenberg, Vice President of Business Development at Flex; Virginia Lin, Strategic Marketing at Subaru of America; and Katrin Zimmermann, Managing Director – Americas at TLGG.

Throughout the event, the speakers shared their experiences, challenges, and strategies for success in the automotive industry. The panel covered a range of topics, including leadership, career development, diversity, and inclusion.

Thank you so much for the chance to meet and hear so many amazing women in automotive," said an attendee, "Their stories will inspire and empower other women in the industry to reach their full potential."

Speaking at the event, Gülnaz Önes, Global CIO, of Mercedes-Benz Mobility said “Create an environment of physical and mental wellbeing so the team feel comfortable in the way they bring their contribution.”

Judith Gaspar, Talent Management in EMEA, Flex, also stated four major Undermining habits to avoid being: Of out-of-power language, over explaining, diminishing your achievement, hiding behind opinion questions, and drawing attention to mistakes.

Women Automotive Network would like to extend its gratitude to the speakers for their valuable contributions to the event and the companies that attended.

For those who missed the event, the Women Automotive Spring Meetup will be held on May 23rd. Interested parties can register for the event and take advantage of the early bird discount by visiting the link.

An interesting activity introduced for the year included the 'Strike A Pose' challenge, where participants where tasked to strike the #EmbraceEquity Pose, and share online, tagging @womenautomotivenetwork. Some interesting entries were recorded, view here.


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