Marketing to Women and Marketing Yourself - A Conversation with Chris Feuell, CEO Chrysler Brand at Stellantis

on January 18, 2024

In the latest edition of the Women Automotive Network Leadership Interview series George Ayres, Managing Director of AutomobilityAdvisors, had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Feuell, CEO of the Chrysler brand at Stellantis. Their discussion delved into the exciting realms of automotive technology, marketing to women consumers, and Chris's experiences as a woman leader in the automotive industry. 

Unveiling the Role of a Chrysler Brand CEO: 

Chris Feuell provides a comprehensive overview of her role as the CEO of the Chrysler brand at Stellantis. Responsible for steering the entire life cycle of the brand, Chris touched on aspects ranging from future product and technology roadmaps to day-to-day marketing, sales, and strategic pricing. Her insights reveal the multifaceted nature of her role, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach in addressing the diverse needs of consumers. 

Marketing Insights for the Automotive Industry: 

The conversation shifts to the intriguing topic of marketing automobiles to women. Chris highlights the importance of understanding women as savvy consumers who prioritise unique features such as adjustable seats, pedals, steering columns, and perimeter lighting. The discussion underscores the significance of incorporating women's perspectives into marketing content, creating products that align with their needs, and exploring contemporary ways to enhance the overall customer experience. 

"Women are savvy consumers. To effectively market to them, we need content that reflects their unique perspectives and priorities." 

Technology in Driving Change: 

As an automotive leader, Chris Feuell sheds light on the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of the automotive industry. With a focus on Stellantis' advanced technologies like the Stella Brain, Smart Cockpit, and Auto Drive, she emphasises the need for technology to make life and the driving experience easier and more seamless. Chris explores the potential for these technologies to cater specifically to women consumers, addressing safety concerns and enhancing overall satisfaction. 

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: 

In a nod to gender diversity in leadership, Chris Feuell proudly mentions that Stellantis boasts five women in the C-suite. She acknowledges the existence of a glass ceiling but emphasizes the importance of intentional strategies to prioritise diversity. The conversation unveils Stellantis' commitment to nurturing female talent through formal mentoring programs and women's leadership development initiatives. 

"While there might still be a glass ceiling, at Stellantis, we're intentionally breaking through. We have five women in the C-suite, and it's crucial to champion diversity at all levels." 

Career Journey and Lessons Learned: 

Chris Feuell's career journey, which includes experiences in technology companies like Johnson Controls and Honeywell, brings a unique perspective to the automotive industry. Her background in software development and B2B sales equips her with valuable skills in integrating technology into automotive solutions. Chris reflects on the importance of practical applications and delivering results, drawing on her experiences outside the automotive sector. 

Opportunities for Women in Automotive: 

The conversation concludes with insights into opportunities for women in the automotive industry. Chris sees potential in STEM-related fields, particularly in software development and engineering. She encourages women to explore entrepreneurship and gain experience in startups, viewing it as a valuable stepping stone to larger automotive companies. 

Conclusion: Chris Feuell's engaging conversation with George Airs provides a glimpse into the dynamic world of automotive leadership and the strides being made towards gender diversity. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Chris's insights inspire women to embrace opportunities, drive innovation, and break barriers in this exciting and transformative sector. 


Don't worry if you missed the live interview, you can watch the recording on our YouTube Channel here

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