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What We Did In 2022

on January 05, 2023

Here's a Recap of 2022


"Met so many great woman from all around the world… I found it really great to see the power we have as women, how much we are, and that none of us is alone". -Nadine 


It is true that Diversity and Inclusion can help a company better serve its customers and clients. By having a diverse workforce, a company can better understand the needs and perspectives of a diverse customer base. This can lead to better products and services, as well as increased customer satisfaction.


For the Women Automotive Network, 2022 was a MAGICAL year! The network was able to bring together 83 speakers the likes including Fedra Mobilize, Penny VW, Katharina Bosch, Astrid VW, Sabrina Cariad, Caro Ford, Volker CEO Audi, Arlena Polestar, Monica Perez Lobo Toyota, Fjollë Novakazi Volvo, Dr Paula Palade Jaguar Land Rover, Julie David Peugeot UK; and welcomed 2139 attendees from 52 countries across the globe.


                                         Watch this snippet on Instagram


We also term it an INSPIRATIONAL year because for some professional who were seeking new job opportunities, we were able to publish hundreds of jobs from our partners.


women automotive network 2022 sponsors and partners

McKinsey & Company, Bose, BCG, Roland Berger, Capgemini Engineering, Henkel, Flex, Novelis, AkzoNobel Aerospace, Altair, Daimler Truck AG, Micron, Vitesco Technologies, heycar, NCP, Volvo Cars, AUDI AG, Unicepta, Ford Motor Company, LEONI, HARMAN International, Avanci, Tuxera, Magna International, BlueYonder, ITW, ŠKODA AUTO, carwow, SABIC, AutoScout24. 


 For our mentorship program, we matched 220 members! 

Watch this Leadership interview to see how Roberta Avelino speaks on the benefits of mentorship, and how it shaped her.

Watch this month's Leadership interview to see how Roberta Avelino speaks on the benefits of mentorship, and how it shaped her.






From in-person events to massive online gatherings, 2023 has been all planned out. We are bringing:

  • Spring Meetup, 23rd May
  • Annual Summit, September 2023
  • Winter Meetup, 30th November 
  • Mentorship Program, Jan & July


Diversity and inclusion are important for building a fair and just society. By promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, companies can play a role in creating a more equal and inclusive society.

The Women Automotive Network believes that diversity and inclusion discussions are essential for creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture, better serving customers and clients, staying competitive and building a fair and just society.

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Speaking, corporate Membership, and branding opportunities are now open! get in touch now and join us! 


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