Ruth Heuss

Senior Partner, McKinsey, Germany
Ruth Heuss joined McKinsey & Company in 2001 and is currently Senior Partner in the Firm’s Berlin Office. She is working with clients in the High Tech and the Automotive & Assembly sector. Recent experiences include:


  • Improvements of software development and integration processes for an OEM – including separation of features from hardware
  • Governance optimization for a large automotive conglomerate
  • Change-program in a large automotive manufacturing plant to drive efficiency increase
  • Holistic performance improvement program for an automotive supplier
  • Project management in the ramp-up phase of roof systems for an automotive supplier
  • Due Diligence on powertrain components supplier
  • Project management office in two big risk projects for an automotive OEM, including financial impact, technical solutions, government interactions
  • Support in setting-up of a company to support EV penetration
  • Support the early development phase of a new car development (to make optimal concept decisions)
  • Initial assessment of a flexible manufacturing strategy, incl. initial site selection and ramp-up-plan for an automotive supplier
  • Material cost reduction in the early phases of the product development process of a light commercial vehicle
  • Market assessment of the future automotive market in Africa
  • De-merger of an automotive JV (including relocation of production facilities, set-up of new logistics- and IT-processes, build-up of local organization)
  • Project on seat-structure-standardization for a global seat supplier
  • Korea strategy for a global automotive supplier
  • Investment cost reduction for an assembly player
  • Process optimization (lean engineering, introduction of standard-cost-model) and global re-organization for an automotive engineering service provider
  • Improvement of project management in the early phases of the product development process for an automotive engineering service provider
  • Product and plant benchmarking for an automotive supplier of fuel injectors (including assessment of the competitiveness of the product design, manufacturing performance, purchasing performance, assessment of support services, e.g., maintenance)
  • Improvement of controlling processes for material costs at a large OEM
  • Analysis of expected future sales of CNG cars in Germany
  • Reduction of material cost for an automotive supplier of shock absorbers through benchmarking with several competitors’ products
  • Reduction of power train material cost (diesel/gasoline engines and transmission) for a large OEM in cross-functional teams of engineering and purchasing
  • Identification of differences in cost and customer value through benchmarking of a complete passenger car vs. it’s direct competitor
  • Internal knowledge project DRIVE on the future of automotive power train developments
  • Internal knowledge project on “The Impact of Reducing Carbon Emissions on the Global Automotive Industry”