The Women Automotive Network's Mentorship Program dates back to December 2021. So far it has recorded over 350 members of the network who join the program.

This program is designed for both personal and professional development. It gives the mentors an opportunity to be role models, and mentees an opportunity to strengthen their skills and increase their overall career satisfaction.


💬 "Talking woman to woman in a very transparent way, outside of my internal management support is super!”
Mentee from July-Dec 2023 Program

💬 "My opportunity to be a mentor has been very fulfilling - Thank you Women Automotive Network for this chance for me to grow too!
Mentor from July-Dec 2023 Program

Benefits of joining the Women Automotive Network Mentorship Program

mentees become a mentor themselves
participants say it furthered their career
continue to stay in still in touch with their mentor
more likely to apply for a promotion


Penny Weatherup

People Director, Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited

“I have loved taking part in the WAN mentoring scheme. I have listened, learned and provided what I hope is helpful advice to my mentee. A hugely rewarding experience and I’m looking forward to my next match”

Arlena Amiri

Head of Advanced Engineering, Polestar

"In an industry where women are a minority and representation is critical, I see it as my responsibility and obligation to support the next generation of female leaders moving forward. The mentorship program hosted by Women Automotive network offers great opportunities for mentors and mentees to globally and cross industry connect and broaden perspectives."

Chetna Jain

VP of Programme Management, Bristol Superlight

"I have started mentoring since the start of the program and it's been a wonderful journey. Its indeed fulfilling to see young women being so enthusiastic about Automotive field. WAN is doing incredible job to provide a platform to connect women in this industry, really grateful."

Cláudia Brandão

Luxury Market Specialist

"Becoming a mentor with the Women Automotive Network was a wonderful opportunity to give back after receiving so many valuable insights and inspiration at the WAN Summit last September in Stuttgart. The women at WAN are so committed to empowering each other, and I wanted to be part of this supportive community."

Lucía García-Linares

Head of Operations Control in Parts Supply Chain Group, Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

“I love sharing my expertise, learnings, reflections, do’s, and don’ts with passionate leaders in the very challenging and fascinating automotive environment, as my way to show gratitude by giving back to others. Sharing is caring, and the more we do, the richer & stronger our business will become.”

Sabine Angermann

Vice President Purchasing, Porsche AG

“The challenging automotive industry and the supply chain is still very male-dominated. With mentoring, I would love to encourage women to take more responsibility and trust in themselves and to let them participate in my mistakes and growth process.”