Top Diverse Automotive Experts Share Their Key Leadership Takeaways For 2022

on March 21, 2022

On March 7th 2022, 408+ attendees from 35 countries turned up to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Women Automotive Network, for their Spring Meetup.

The event brought together the world’s top diverse automotive experts virtually, each of whom shared their leadership advice to an international automotive community.

Here are some of the takeaways from the event, straight from the world’s automotive leaders, themselves:

– “73% of women polled in my session said that they received no training on how to better communicate at their companies, yet studies show that 87% of business issues are caused by misunderstandings at work that cost companies millions every year. Want better work environments? Let’s learn to communicate better. Managing expectations are key,” said Nikki Evans, PCC.

– “Confidence is a transferable skill,” said Micha Goebig.

– “Be a good listener, and be mindful of your skills. It’s the key to success,” said Aree Bly.

– “Ask questions. Asking questions creates influence. Women often don’t realise how powerful they are,” said Dr. Mona Haug.

– “Women influence almost 80% of key #automotive business decisions, yet they ONLY account for a staggering 16% of managerial positions,” said Dr Miranda K. B.

The Spring Meetup’s goal was to provide solutions, inspiration and actionable insights on how more women can rise through the ranks in their automotive career.

And one thing was for certain at this year’s Women Automotive Spring Meetup: women automotive professionals want more leadership opportunities, and more women want to be on automotive boards.

In response to this information, soon, the Women Automotive Network will be announcing the agenda for their June 2022 Summit. The event will be dedicated to automotive technology trends. It will bring together the latest game changers and industry leaders.

This will include speakers from the likes of McKinsey & Company, Volkswagen, Capgemini, Toyota Motor Europe, Ford Motor Company, and more, with interactive Workshops hosted by senior professionals from leading auto companies, such as Daimler Truck AG, AkzoNobel, Micron, BlueYonder & Michelin, Jaguar Land Rover, and more.

To speak, the Women Automotive Network has already confirmed Global Director Automotive Safety Office – Ford Motor Company, and a Member of the Board of Management – Volkswagen CV, with more to be announced soon.

Also, the Women Automotive Network will be announcing their Summer mentorship program soon.

To find out more, and to get involved, contact us here:

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