The Role of ‘Listening’ in Promoting Diversity and Belonging

on November 24, 2022


The Role of ‘Listening’ in Promoting Diversity and Belonging

As The Women Automotive Network, our motto is to include the following three items in working life: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

In today’s article, we want to look at these three concepts, which are integrated with each other, because we need these three from day to day. LinkedIn Instructor Pat Wadors calls this trio DIB: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Let’s take a closer look at the DIB:

Diversity is a fact, it’s everything that makes you and me unique. Each of us is unique: Some of us are quiet, some of us are left-handed, and some of us are “working fathers” (yes, why not, of course, we can be “working fathers” if there is a concept of “working mother”. 😉

Each of us has different characters, appearances and ideologies, and this is what makes the world colourful.

Inclusion is the art of creating fairness. Inclusion means attempting to welcome and acknowledge others regardless. Accepting and not judging people regardless of who they are or what their ideology is.

Belonging is actually a common human need, a purely instinctive need. We all want to belong somewhere, to be a part of a place, because we are ourselves.

Most companies assume they are diverse and inclusive, but that’s far from the case. Maybe it’s not as much as before, but some companies are male-dominated, some companies even oppose body freedom, and they want a commitment from female staff; for example, that “they cannot get pregnant for a certain period of time”. Maybe this is an extreme example, but unfortunately, companies that do this are not a few.

So what can be done, how can companies advocate and enforce diversity? In fact, the answer to this question is on many blogs on the Internet, and we share it as the Women Automotive Network, but let’s listen to Pat Wadors again, Pat says: Let’s listen to our employees. “What does that have to do with anything?” We can hear you say, but let’s just say, baby steps can revolutionize a company!

Listen to your employees: every one of them. Listen closely to everyone, from the business development specialist to your intern, from the human resources staff to the person who brings your tea to your room. Because each is a different story, each a different colour. And incorporate those colours into your own environment.

Bonus: Follow these items for healthy listening too:

-Remove devices,

-Seek to understand,

-Process what you are hearing,

-Echo what you heard,


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