The Financial Times Future of the Car

on March 31, 2022

We’re proud to have partnered up with the Financial Times on their ‘Future of the Car’ summit. WAN subscribers can get a 20% discount on tickets, by using this discount code: WANETWORK.




When: the 9th – 12th May 2022

What: “Optimising Returns in an Evolving Market While Keeping 1.5°C Alive”

Where: In-Person ( The Brewery, London) and Digital

Hashtag: #FTCar


An Overview:

The Financial Times Future of the Car summit is where visionary OEMs, industry shakers and challenger brands come together to scrutinise the technology, consumer and business model trends forever changing the way cars are made and sold. Now in its 8th year, one of the most highly anticipated gatherings of carmakers and their technology partners in the global automotive events calendar returns in person in The Brewery London and virtually.

Post COP26, we will also ask: what more can the industry do to ramp-up its decarbonization efforts to help keep the climate goal of 1.5°C alive?

Participate in riveting live conversations, find out what OEMs are doing today to succeed tomorrow, and join peer-to-peer roundtables to expand your knowledge and your network. This is a must-attend, strategy-focussed conference for anyone leading at the juncture of traditional automotive industry practice and technology-driven disruption. 

Embrace changeGet there faster.


Scaling Electric Vehicles

Pressure to hasten the transition from ICE to EV is intensifying. How are carmakers dealing with the problem of scaling-up production and sales to meet ambitious national targets and win the race-to-market? 

Hitting Carbon Neutrality Targets 

As the world’s governments return their attention this year to combating climate change, generating more CO2 standards along the way, what practical steps is the industry taking to meet its tough emissions-reduction targets on time?  

Building the ‘Personal’ Car

Today’s consumers want a uniquely tailored experience when buying a car, and when driving one. What new strategies, digital technologies, and in-car services are carmakers deploying to put individual customers at the heart of what they do, from factory, to forecourt, to kerbside?  


Twitter: @ftlive


Instagram: @financialtimeslive

Hashtag: #FTCar


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