Meet November’s Member of the Month, Gurshinder Sidhu (Founder & Director at Leadership Circuit Ltd)

on November 01, 2022


Why did you join the Women Automotive Network?I grew up around cars from a young age and considering it as an industry to work in never crossed my mind because I am a woman. This was 20+ years ago and now times have certainly changed. I joined because I want to support women within the automotive industry to achieve further success and recognition.

 Why is DE&I important to you?

I believe DE&I is beyond data and statistics. It is about creating awareness and long-lasting change within the organization. Creating diverse and inclusive environments where you feel safe to express your unique voice as a woman of color is close to my heart. We bring different perspectives and views that add value. Having worked in a male-dominated industry for 20-plus years, I appreciate how important it is.

 What is the number one automotive trend you are keeping up with currently?

The developments and trends within the electric vehicles market and ESG.

 What are your predictions for the automotive industry in 2022?

What are your predictions for the automotive industry in 2023? ESG is certainly on top of the list and also seeing more women being represented in leadership roles.

 Who is your inspirational woman?

Maya Angelou

 What is your proudest career moment?

When I was promoted to a senior leadership role and realized how important it is to learn about leadership and soft skills. The next level of professional growth relates to having a strong non-technical skillset. This is the reason I set up my company Leadership Circuit – to help leaders build a strong non-technical skillset.

 What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?

The greatest challenge was deciding to leave my professional banking career to set up my business in leadership development coaching and training. I saw the value that it can add and I wanted to help.

 What was your first car?

Peugeot 306 – it was red and a manual!

 In one word, what is the opportunity for women in automotive currently?


 What advice would you offer to those considering starting a career within the automotive industry?

I am from the banking industry with a family background in automotive. What I would like to share is that most of us usually enter into an industry with no plan. Have a personal development plan, build relationships and explore what works for you. Have lots of conversations and network!

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