Gi Group Holding releases its Global HR Trends Report on the Automotive Industry

on November 14, 2023

Previewed at the Women Automotive Summit on September 20th, Gi Group Holding has now launched its global report on HR trends in the automotive industry. Featuring qualitative and quantitative data from 11 key countries and over 6500 industry decision makers and candidates, the report offers essential insights to industry leaders on in-demand skills and strategies for supporting and retaining employees in this rapidly transforming industry.

As Europe prepares to ban the sale of CO2 emitting cars by 2035, the automotive sector finds itself contending with the competing demands of digitization and environmental sustainability. By taking stock of the major trends in the industry, this comprehensive study addresses their repercussions on the automotive workforce. Crucially, it illustrates how candidates have an outdated view of what it means to work in automotive, while the sector itself has fully embraced digital transformation and as such requires the technology and engineering talent to make the necessary shift to electric and autonomous vehicle production.

The report further reveals that the automotive sector struggles to attract and retain its female workforce. More than two-thirds of the surveyed companies have implemented Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs, yet automotive ranks third among sectors to have invested least on DEI targets and quotes.

Expert commentary from key industry figures offers insights for its leaders on how to remain competitive and ensure talent retention, to future-proof their processes. Acquiring and nurturing technically skilled workers, offering continual training and upskilling opportunities, as well as tapping into the pool of highly skilled women by guaranteeing equal pay, opportunities to career advancement, and female leadership roles, are just some of the strategies that will steer the industry towards a future of innovation and increased competitiveness.

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