What professionals say about job satisfaction in automotive

on July 15, 2022

Job satisfaction plays a major role in staying in one’s job, or quitting for good. Job satisfaction is the level of contentment employees feel with their job. This goes beyond their daily duties, it covers satisfaction with team members/managers, satisfaction with organizational policies, and the impact of their job on employees’ personal lives.

There are many factors that contribute to job satisfaction. Some of these includes, convenience, salary, comfort, and appeal of working locations. Other factors like habits, norms, and expectations of the organization and team, including political environment within the organization can Impact job satisfaction.

Just like any other career, job satisfaction within the automotive sphere is a topic booked for consideration regardless of gender.

During the just concluded Women Automotive Summit hosted by the Women Automotive Network, a poll was broadcasted to its 500+ attendees from 40 different countries. The poll was about job present job satisfaction.

POLL QUESTION: Do you presently have Job satisfaction?

41.7% said ‘Yes’

11.1% said ‘No’

47.2% which happened to be the majority said ‘can be improved’.

Peering further into data and insight that backed up responses, it appeared that the majority who said ‘Yes’ are those who were already at the peak of their career and occupied senior executive roles. Professionals in mid-level of their career asked for improvement, while those who just launched their career said they weren’t satisfied. This raises an important question: Does job satisfaction come when one reaches the peak of their career?

It is important though to note that nothing overcomes weary and increases job satisfaction like doing something that you love to do every day. While you aim for the big chase, always remember to discover the small things about your job that makes you happy. Make sure that these activities or tasks are on your agenda every day. Make sure you combat that weary feeling with an external activity to balance this lack. But certainly, there is something that you can identify that you love to do on your job.

This month, the Women Automotive Network have organized a mentorship program tailored towards the needs of women in the automotive sector. This program is set to show ways in which one can enjoy ‘work’, and ways to accelerate one’s career. There is an ongoing application for the next phase of the mentorship program, apply to become a mentor or mentee. Apply here

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