February Member Of The Month (MOTM) Adriana Lehr (Head of Data and Digital Transformation at Daimler Truck Asia)

on February 01, 2023


WAN: Why did you join the Women Automotive Network?

Adriana: To connect with like-minded women in an industry that I am passionate about


WAN: Why is DE&I important to you?

Adriana: We are all humans and should be treated with the same opportunities regardless of our gender, cultural or other backgrounds. A diverse team is a winning team. Having lived in many countries and having worked with diverse teams, I have experienced this first hand and strongly belief in DE&!.


WAN: What is the number one automotive trend you are keeping up with currently?

Adriana: I am responsible for Big Date and the potentials it brings to us as an Automotive OEM. Thus I very much follow any data-driven news and trends.


WAN: What are your predictions for the automotive industry in 2023?

Adriana: We will continue facing supply chain challenges and need to ingrate our overall supply chain better. We will continue seeing news on autonomous and electric driving breakthroughs.


WAN: Who is your inspirational woman?

Adriana: I like to relate to people I know and not to “famous” people. I have had the chance to work with so many inspirational women during my over twenty years in automotive: the single mom of teams who was the most reliable team member I have ever met, my colleague who fought and lost her battle against cancer, my team member who ran four marathons a year… There is inspiration in all of us.


WAN: What is your proudest career moment?

Adriana: When the Mercedes-Benz dealership I worked for, won the European Customer Excellence award.


WAN: What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?

Adriana: Finding a working model that works for my three kids, my husband and me.


WAN: What was your first car?

Adriana: VW Polo in orange


WAN: What advice would you offer to those considering starting a career within the automotive industry?

Adriana: Find an area that you are passionate about and start making a difference. There is so much potential and so many fields within automotive.


WAN: In one word, what is the opportunity for women in automotive currently? 

Adriana: Endless.


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