Marie Fleur Revel

Marie-Fleur Revel is one of two Managing Directors of XL2 – a unique joint venture between Audi and Capgemini. After studying Computer Science, Marie started her automotive journey at Capgemini, before taking up a role as an IT Project Manager at BMW. She returned to Capgemini in 2018, where she quickly ascended to the position of Vice President.  


In 2020, she was chosen to co-lead XL2, a startup-like organization entrusted to accelerate digital transformation for Audi and other VW Group brands by providing access to specialized IT talent. Since that time, she has helped the company grow to more than 150 employees at its bases in Heilbronn und Ingolstadt.  


Marie-Fleur is a single mother (by choice) to twins, a champion for female leadership, and a passionate supporter of gender equality and diversity in the workplace.