The mission of Le Car: To make life on the road less of a hassle for underrepresented car shoppers. Le Car is a personalized mobility platform for people who want a simple, time-saving car shopping experience, developed by journalists. We believe that driving and owning a car should be an inclusive, empowering experience.  We help you find vehicles best suited to your unique wants and needs, and we provide advice and commentary on how to buy and live with your vehicle. Le Car explores the evolving relationship people have with cars and other forms of transportation. We explain how cars are becoming more sustainable, connected, and automated, in the ways that matter to you. We act as the car-nerdy friend or family member that you ask for reassurance. We can’t guarantee that you’ll love your car, your dealer, or your mechanic. We can support a better, clear-cut decision making process based on our experience and integrity. We have spent years obsessing over our ethics. We know that fairness matters in the long run. Our recommendations are based on our reporting and observations. Carmakers do not buy Le Car recommendations. Le Car was founded in 2018 by an automotive journalist and a social worker. The founders are a mother-daughter team.