Dr. Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch

Senior Consultant, MHP – a Porsche Company, Germany

Dr. Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal and was awarded a doctorate afterwards at the Technical University of Berlin with her dissertation on “gesture control and the improvement of the communication between shopfloor and the planning department.”

In parallel, Mrs. Fleischmann-Kopatsch coordinated the topic “innovations” within the Volkswagen AG and became the speaker of the craft team assembly in 2015. At the same time, she has been elected as the speaker of the Volkswagen PhD-program.

In 2016, Mrs. Fleischmann-Kopatsch started to work for gestigon as Head of Sales. Gestigon GmbH develops software solutions for gesture control and body tracking.

Since August 2018, she works as a Senior Consultant at the MHP Management und IT-Beratung GmbH, where she mainly focuses on projects connected with the topic of “autonomous driving”.

Mrs. Fleischmann-Kopatsch has been speaking at different congresses and pitches for many years. Her topics are mainly AR/VR, gesture control, new software solutions for autonomous driving as well as the integration from small startups