Gail Mattson

Gail Mattson, President, INWES, USA

Gail Mattson is a registered professional engineer with 35 years’ experience in environmental engineering, safety, radiological control, project management, and corporate relations.

She received her BS in Biology & Chemistry, then her MSE in Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. For the past 5 years, she was responsible for the operations of the ES&H Directorate with 130 personnel and a $30M budget at Brookhaven National Laboratory, one of the US Department of Energy’s multipurpose research institutions that operates cutting-edge large-scale facilities for scientific studies and a wide range of advanced technologies.

She is a founding member of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) and currently is serving as the President for 2018-2020. She has also served in various local, regional and national positions with the American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, American Association for the Advance of Science, and Girl Scouts of USA.