Meet August’ Member of the Month, JoAnn Yamani (Senior Director, Head of Communications, NIO)

on August 03, 2022

JoAnn Yamani, Senior Director, Head of Communications, NIO, women automotive summit

Why did you join the Women Automotive Network?

I continue to be inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. I believe that a community of diverse voices is an essential step toward building a better future for our children and addressing many of the challenges we face. This network addresses diversity and the environment because of the growing appeal of EVs.


Why is DE&I important to you?

Open minds and hearts are at the core of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I’ve seen industries, organizations, and people transform due to conversations with someone, visiting a different place, or learning about a different viewpoint.


What is the number one automotive trend you are keeping up with currently?

I am fascinated by the nexus of technology and traditional automotive and the amazing unlocked potential for safety.


What are your predictions for the automotive industry in 2022?

Globalization: The industry will only progress when we proceed at a global level. Smart companies have realized this and will continue their efforts. Urgency: Because of increasing and very visible changes in our climate, there will be a sense of urgency to address corporate social and environmental responsibility.


Who is your inspirational woman?

My mother and grandmother. Both were exceptionally savvy career women themselves.


What is your proudest career moment?

When I see my daughter and her friends assuming and knowing that they will be capable and successful leaders based upon the examples and behaviors they’ve seen in their mothers and the other women around them.

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?

It is balancing being a mother, caregiver, and successful businesswoman. It is a perpetual challenge!

What was your first car?

A powder blue Toyota Corolla


What is the opportunity for women in automotive currently?

Challenging, unfortunately, the automotive industry attracts big egos and lots of unnecessary competition. However, strategy, organization, and collaboration are key traits that educated and informed leaders can bring. I hope these voices will overcome the challenges to address the overall goals to move the industry and society forward.


What advice would you offer to those considering starting a career within the automotive industry?

Learn from those around you. Listen–you have two ears and one mouth. So try to keep the ratio of listening to talking the same. As a result, you make more insightful comments and gain consensus as the other party knows you’re paying attention. Assume success is inevitable. Be bold, with your heart and ears open. Be brave, but accept vulnerability and express it to establish connections.


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